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AVC-R ApexI Boost Controller Installation
STi installs:

White B135-26 Vehicle Speed Sensor
Red B137-14 Ignition Switch
Purple B134-23 Engine Speed Output
Gray B136-17 Accelerator Pos. Sensor "Main"
Green and Black B135-1 or 4 Power supply Grounds***

Whatever ground you use you MUST attach both grounds from the AVCR to the same line on the ECU so it has a correct reference. And no it doesn't matter if they are tapped 1 inch apart or tapped to each other then tapped to the ecu ground. Its electrically all the same point.

The Vacuum lines are easy:
"Com" from new solenoid to wastegate (I did not use the factory restrictor and I have no issues)
"NO" from new solenoid to compressor

Then tap the new pressure sensor into the line going to your stock or aftermarket BOV with a "T" fitting.