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Perfect Power Piggybacks and Stand-ALone ECUs

Please be patient, certain parts are made per order and require time to manufacturer. All parts will be immediately shipped as they become available. All prices do not include any core charges, shipping, taxes or installation charges. All orders are considered 'Special Order' and are paid in full at time of order via wire transfer or as agreed. All pricing must be verified the day of quote, at time of order, at time of shipping and will be adjusted based on the value of the Dollar Internationally. Any deficiency is immediately due upon billing and before delivery.

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SMT8-FT Plug and Play Fuel Tuner

SMT8-FT Plug & Play Fuel Tuner

The purpose or aim of the SMT8-FT is to provide a fuel-controlling unit with a "Plug-and-Play" facility. The SMT8-FT is slightly more expensive than traditional piggy-back products, but it requires no engineering, no cutting of wires and installs in minutes. In other words, it is GUARANTEED to work!

The SMT8-FT applies to the environmentally conscious installer, who would like to reduce fuel consumption or maximize the best possible fuel consumption in various situations. The SMT8-FT also applies to the "performance" enthusiast, who would like to run his/her engine at the most powerful fuel ratio possible. Equally, the SMT8-FT applies to aftermarket turbo and supercharger installations, which require more fuel under full boost.

In any event, the SMT8-FT simply connects to the fuel-injected petrol engine's injector connectors, and this completes the minimum or basic installation for modifying fuel.

The SMT8-FT has many of the standard SMT8 capabilities, as demanded by our customers. It can also be used for Ethanol (E85).

All SMT8-FT products can be tuned with the LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software.

The SMT8-FT comes in three versions:

SMT8-FT4 For 4 Cylinder Engines

SMT8-FT6 For 6 Cylinder Engines

SMT8-FT8 For 8 Cylinder Engines

On special request an SMT8-FT2 for 2 cylinders can be supplied.

The SMT8-FT Fuel Tuner is currently available in a kit:

The SMT8-FT-KIT includes:

1 x SMT8-FT Standard Fuel Tuner

1 x SMT8-FT Tuning Harness

1 x Injector Harness, either 4, 6 or 8 cylinders

1 x RS232Communication Cable

1 x CD with LetRippII Software and Manuals




System definition Tailor the unit to your application
Ignition advance/retard limits Restricts ignition modification range
Start second specification Prevents action after power-up
Analogue Upper/Lower limits Prevents analogue over-ranging
Cut protection action Signal cut when protected
Retard protection action Retards ignition when protected
Modify protection action Proportional protection
AMP protection Protects an AMP signal
Engine Temp. Protection Protects the engine temperature
RPM protection Protects RPM
Time before protection action Specify time before action takes place
Ignition window For not so perfect crank signals
Narrow band AFR modification One after-CAT modification
Engine temp. Calibration Two-point adaptation to your engine
AMP calibration Linear adaptation to your engine sensor
RPM calibration Set the operating range
Teeth per crank turn Adapt to your crank trigger wheel
Edges per crank turn Adapt to your crank trigger wheel
Ignition map with 384 points For three dimensional Ignition tuning
Ignition Engine temp. map Provides Engine temperature ignition
Injection map with 384 points Two maps for two injection activation
Injection AMP side map Provides AMP injection tuning
Injection Engine temp. side map Provides engine temp. injection tuning
Analogue maps with 384 points For fine tuning of two analogue signals
Analogue Engine temp. side map Provides analogue Engine temp. Tuning
Manual map switching From the dashboard
Engine real-time data For monitoring and display

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