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Perfect Power Piggybacks and Stand-ALone ECUs

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Perfect Power Products

The Perfect Solution to a Powerful Engine Management System


SMT8-T Smart Tuner 8 Tiny

Save Fuel, Save Money

Fuel consumption in today’s world with the fuel prices going higher and higher, is on everyone’s lips. We believe the days of cheap fuel are over. We could all get smaller more economical cars, ride bicycles to work or even just work from home to reduce the fuel expense, but some where along the line we will have to drive our cars and then we will be driving in such a way as to save fuel. For more information read the Fuel Consumption Article.

However, what if your car’s engine is just not efficient and regardless on your driving style, there is no way of improving your fuel consumption. Well, there is hope. A Perfect Power SMT8T piggy back chip can tune your engines usage to use the most economical amount of fuel, resulting in saving fuel, saving the environment and in the long run saving you money.

The SMT8T is a very user friendly chip that comes with a remote display. The remote display will show you in real time the fuel being used, allowing you to adjust your driving style to again reduce your fuel consumption even more. With your engine in a Perfect tuned state and with improved driving style, you are going to be saving the maximum amount of fuel money per month.

The SMT8-T universal piggy back tuning chip. The SMT8-T has been designed to tune almost ANY electronically fuel injected engine.

Signals are modified on maps found within the SMT8-T unit itself and the Windows intuitive LetRipp II Tuning Software. Installation and tuning is simple and once installed the engine can be re-tuned by anyone with a laptop or PC, comms cable and the LetRipp II Tuning Software with ease.

An average installation consists of connecting 6 wires to the vehicle's ECU wiring loom, changing the settings of the SMT8-T in the setup section of the LetRipp II Tuning Software and voila - you are ready to re-tune the vehicle. An experienced installer can install an SMT8-T unit within 30 minutes. Packed with similar features to the SMT6, it is affordable and compact too!

The digital display output allows for multiple parameters from the SMT8-T to be displayed in real time inside the cockpit without the need of a computer or laptop. The live data read out of your Lambda (AFR) will aid you to improve your driving style resulting in better fuel consumption. There are over 16 values that can be selected in the LetRipp II tuning software for the display, making it totally customizable.

The analogue map is a large 384 load cell map for precise tuning. The analogue tune map is referenced by Throttle/RPM, Engine Temperature and AMP, for the purpose of altering fuel at specific engine conditions. An ignition map is a 384 load cell map and is used to tune crank, advance and retard and the ignition signal in 0.5 deg steps for the optimal accuracy.

The SMT8-T can drive one extra injector (4-13 ohm) for supplementing fuel at high boost. The extra injector can be controlled via Throttle/RPM, AMP and Engine Temp maps. This allows for precise fuel delivery at boost conditions - a feature which is very popular with turbo and supercharger installations.

The external display output is also new for the SMT8T series. It allows our digital display to receive data from the SMT8T and selectively display the desired value without the presence of a PC. The displays are small with bright attractive LED colour options. Multiple values can be displayed on a single display by simply toggling between them.

The Dyno setup screen allows for dyno type data to be displayed in real time to the external display. With a few simple setting and triggers, the SMT8-T can show you similar data as per your quarter mile time, distance and speed from intersection to intersection or while overtaking till a trigger is reached. It is very simple to setup and a very awesome feature to show off to your friends.

Protection is a great feature for the SMT8T. It protects your engine should something fail. The protection is optional and can be turned off. Most sensor inputs can be configured such that should they fall outside of their normal operating state then change the fuel or ignition to a state which will protect the engine. This feature looks after your engine so that you are still able to drive home.

The SMT8-T - Tiny Tuner - Affordable Tuning!



Injection Map with 384 sites Fine tuning the extra injector or boost
Ignition Map with 384 sites Fine ignition tuning
Analogue Map with 384 sites Smooth tuning of fuel
Boost management Maps 72 sites in 2D to control accurate boost pressure
PWM/FREQ Map with 384 sites For freq based air flow meter
Balanced Inputs Inverted Outputs
3 Amp injector drive Handles 4 to 16 ohm injectors
0 – 5 volt input range Allows tuning for most models
Small Size Smaller then the SMT6, Fits Anywhere
RPM Calibration To suit your installation
High RPM range Ideal for racing
Ignition tuning with compensation Safely tuning your engine with protection
Encapsulated For Moisture and Dust protection
Very low power consumption Has less interference to the host ECU
Power supply voltage 8-36V Bad voltage spikes or dips will not effect the operation
All Inputs Protected No mishaps while installing
Various ignition outputs For the most stringent applications
Dyno Setup screen Road Dyno setup for the Displaying real values
Auto Programmable Cylinders It works on any amount of cylinders!
Ignition output limit Limits max. advance and retard
Can handle interlaced signal For 4 cylinders ignition output tuning
Easy Tuning Software Managed by LetRipp II Software, intuitive interface
Missing Tooth Signal For up to 2 teeth advance/retard
20 MIPS computing To facilitate quick engine response
Signal Conditioning To prevent miss trigger
Start Seconds Delay ignition control from cranking
Analogue Limits Clamp analogue signal going to the ECU
Protection Under extreme conditions, save the engine
Firmware Re-flash Update the Firmware code via USB port
High speed USB 2 Fast USB communication for high data transfer
Load Default A pre programmed set of Default maps
Lambda modification Modification of Lambda sensor readings
AMP Calibration To suit your installation
Engine Temperature Calibration To suit your stock engine sensor
TPS Calibration Load or Deflection calibration to suit your installation
Real time error detection Real time indication of errors with in LetRipp II software
Data Display Real time assignable indication of input / output values
Data Logging Real time data logging of all data onto PC
Logging Playback Playback into software, emulating connected SMT8T
Profiles Store convenient software screen layouts
All main maps have two side maps Engine Temperature and AMP provide a realistic tuning dimension
AMP extrapolation Switchable for even smoother pressure transitions
Inverse TPS For those 1.8T Audi and VW, i.e. GTI applications
Test Simulation Onboard test simulation for offline engine conditions


The SMT8-T will be packaged as follows:

1 x SMT8T Unit

1 x SMT8T Harness

SMT8T-UKIT (SMT8-T User Kit)

1 x SMT8T Unit

1 x SMT8T Harness

1 x Software Download Link

1 x USB Communications Cable

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