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Perfect Power Piggybacks and Stand-ALone ECUs

Please be patient, certain parts are made per order and require time to manufacturer. All parts will be immediately shipped as they become available. All prices do not include any core charges, shipping, taxes or installation charges. All orders are considered 'Special Order' and are paid in full at time of order via wire transfer or as agreed. All pricing must be verified the day of quote, at time of order, at time of shipping and will be adjusted based on the value of the Dollar Internationally. Any deficiency is immediately due upon billing and before delivery.

Perfect Power Products

The Perfect Solution to a Powerful Engine Management System


XMS4 - Group B

The XMS4 B Group consists of two different modules, of the mid-range of XMS4 products. They are ideally suited for 4 to 8 cylinder engines, as well as Turbo and Supercharged engines, and are available with:

4 to 8 x 2Amp Direct Injector Drivers (up to 3AMP)

4 to 8 x Ignition Signal Outputs

4 x Set-point Outputs

Wide Band LSU-4 Controller

The XMS4 B Group product range comes with a maximum of 8 x 2Amp injector drives, and up to 8 ignition signal outputs. A LSU-4 Wide Band Lambda (AFR) controller is included, with short-term and long-term tuning capabilities! In addition, all modules in this range come with a turbo BOOST controller. The XMS4B also operates from two manual or automatically switched master maps and each map consists of up to 2000 sites! It also includes large 16x24 tuning maps for both injection and ignition. The modules in this range are ideal for very powerful engines where Wide Band Lambda is a must!

As per the XMS4A group, all XMS4B modules boast the awesome LETRIPP SOFTWARE features, such as; remote master map switching, extensive set-point control, data logging and many PC screen display options. All modules have the 2.0 USB interface for quick tuning.




40 MIPS processor Lightning fast response
2 complete maps For two different settings
Automatic/Manual Map switching

Allows you choose the map you like best

Map Switching while driving Seamless transition gives smooth ride
1 x Rev counter output drive To operate a conventional rev counter
Easy calibration on all inputs Use any sensor
1 x 0-5V TPS input For throttle and acceleration
Reverse TPS possible To suit your sensor
TPS input calibration Linear, Un-linear and manual
5V output to drive TPS/AMP

Can power up to 0.5 Amp

4 SET-POINT drive outputs Drives up 1Amp each
Powerful 14 item Set-point Can be sequenced to logical AND/OR
High/Low limits on Set-points Gives great flexibility
Each Set-point can be linked This allows the most complex switching
1 x 0-5V Engine Temperature input Can be calibrated to suit your sensor
1 x 0-5V Air Temperature input Can be calibrated to any sensor
Build in AMP sensor 2.5 bar Calibrated by factory
4/8 Ignition signal drives Positive going output pulse
4/8 Direct injection outputs For 12 Ohm injectors
384 fuel map sites For 3 dimensional fuel control
Fuel with 3x24 sites side maps For AMP/Air/Engine temperature
8 point interpolation between sites Very smooth control
24 AMP map sites Covers the range 0.2 to 2.4 BAR
Interpolation between AMP sites Smooth control
Injector trim available Balance the injectors or the manifold flow
Launch control

Enabled via external switch input

USB 2.0 Communication For any laptop in real-time
CRANK (CB1) inputs For balanced or single input
Crank trigger level settings To suit you pickup
CAM (CB2) Inputs For balanced or single input
CAM trigger level settings To suit your pickup
Electronic Boost Control With maps and targets for turbo installation
Powerful Fault indications Aids in installation
RPM calibration Set range and linear/un-linear/manual steps
Tuned Values have immediate effect Live (real time) tuning with USB
Idle control circuit With fall-back and target specifications
Comprehensive Status report In real time, shows what happens
Monitor engine performance In real time, numeric and graphical
Logging feature to a PC Allows you to playback the data
Sequential/Batch mode operation In case you don’t have a CAM trigger
384 sites Ignition map Change ignition angle in fine steps
3x24 ignition side maps For AMP/Air/Engine temperature
3x24 Boost control sites Change the turbo boost as required
3x24 Acceleration sites Smooth acceleration
24 Dwell map sites For high performance coils
20 Parameter sites For general setting up
Ignition reference angle For synchronizing engine to pc
Ignition advance limit Restricts ignition advance range
Ignition retard limit Restricts ignition retard range
Start time Sets the ON time for the fuel pump
Acceleration detection Settable sensitively to throttle movement
Launch RPM Target RPM for launch control
Boost gain Set the Boost control gain
Min Injection Injection is cut if below the milli second time
Cylinders To suit your engine upto 8 cylinders
LSU4 zero For calibrating the XMS to external gauge
Neg crank edge Adapt to your crank signal
High CB1 level Adapt to sine or square wave crank signals
Neg cam edge Adapt to your cam signal
High CB2 level Adapt to sine or square wave cam signals
Inverse TPS en Specify Up/Down direction
Fuel Extrap en Extrapolates in the 384 fuel map
AMP Extrap en Extrapolates in the 24 amp fuel map
Cam every 2 turn For sequential operations
SetP map switch

Software map switching

Instantly Saves tuning changes Everything is live!
Operates with LETRIPP Software Easy and fast control
Instant help on every item Build in
Help on any faulty item

Indicated in red

USB power up Unit will operate from USB power
Sequential ignition For 4 to 8 cylinder engines
Sequential Injection For 4 to 8 cylinders engines
Built-in Wide Band Lambda circuit For the Bosch LSU4
Partial or Complete Closed Loop Lambda Operation
Electronic Turbo Boost Control Via bleed valve PWM


The XMS4 B Group is made up of 2 (two) different modules, namely;


4 x Injector Drivers

4 x Ignition Outputs

4 x Set-point Outputs


8 x Injector Drivers

8 x Ignition Outputs

4 x Set-point Outputs

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