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Perfect Power Piggybacks and Stand-ALone ECUs

Please be patient, certain parts are made per order and require time to manufacturer. All parts will be immediately shipped as they become available. All prices do not include any core charges, shipping, taxes or installation charges. All orders are considered 'Special Order' and are paid in full at time of order via wire transfer or as agreed. All pricing must be verified the day of quote, at time of order, at time of shipping and will be adjusted based on the value of the Dollar Internationally. Any deficiency is immediately due upon billing and before delivery.

Perfect Power Products

The Perfect Solution to a Powerful Engine Management System


Blue-Fire Four Channel

The unit comes with 4 ignition coil drivers. The outputs are short circuit protected. The BLUEFIRE triggers on POSITIVE inputs, and sparks when the input high signal is returned to ground.

The unit has a led indication on each channel to show activation and a common fault LED indication. The LEDS operate as follows:

Common Fault LED (RED):

Very faint pulsing Normal operation
Regular pulsing: Input wrong polarity
Permanent on: One output has over-current

Each channel LED (BLUE):

ON: For duration of dwell current

Normal operation:

On receiving a positive input signal the corresponding output is switched on, and the Blue LED is on. Should an over-current develop before the input signal is switched on, the unit will TERMINATE the output, which will cause a spark. This action is indicated on the red LED which stays on for more than one ignition cycle.

If the same channel is operated again into an over-current (or short) then the above procedure repeats.

If the input is high for more than 50 milliseconds then the output is terminated, which causes a spark. This action flashes the red LED.


Operating voltage: 10-15Volts
Voltage transients: 36Volts, 1ms
Operating current: <40mA
Operating temperature: -20 to +75C
Supply: Polarity protected
Input impedance: 10KOhm
Operating current per channel: >12Amp*
Over-current per channel: <24Amp*
Input/Output switching delay: <20us
Current rise time: ~2us/Amp
Current fall time: <0.2us/Amp
Output polarity: NOT PROTECTED

*Note: The currents are tested at room temperature!

$390.00 USD plus shipping

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