We are very proud to offer Self-defense classes that simulate REAL LIFE SITUATIONS!

Our instructor, Mr. Shulman brings 30+ years of practical, real world, experience with him!

Our self-defense training instruction does not include martial arts sparring! In contrast, we practice real life scenarios, involving defensive blocking against an attacker’s strikes, offensive punching and kicking to disable the attacker, thus providing time to safely escaping to a safe place.

We all know that in these days and times there is no better way to ensure high quality peace of mind for our families and ourselves, than to know we can intelligently, effectively and efficiently present a defense against any and all threats to our freedoms! Whether you are new to self-defense training or have been practicing for years, we are of the utmost confidence, you will find there is always something new to learn.

Enjoy the Photos and Videos of our Workshop / Boot Camp Classes!

Special at your location : Core Self Defense Workshop / Boot Camp

Our Core Self-Defense  Workshop / Boot Camp incorporates a powerful comprehensive and integrated system that focuses on self-protection and what is effective on the streets.

The Core Self-Defense  Workshop / Boot Camp combines our first 12 Self- Defense lessons into one action packed 2 hour workshop. We are talking 12 hours of equivalent training on real-world violent encounters.

This special workshop is by appointment only for groups, no individuals (Min. 4 Per Group).
Special pricing for the Workshop / Boot Camp : at your location
Students & Adults $35 Each
(No individuals, Min. 4 Per Group)


Cane Self Defense
Cane Self-Defense Workshop is a practice which can be mastered by the average or handicapped person quickly rather years.

If you get attacked in today's world, chances are your assailant is carrying a weapon. Martial arts that focus mostly on empty hand applications are at a severe disadvantage against armed attacks. Cane Self-Defense puts the most practical self defense tool (the cane) in your hands from day one so you create instant leverage against your attacker.
Cane Self-Defense is a realistic tactical method that teaches you how to defend against:
– striking, punching, and kicking
– defenses against weapons including, knife, gun, and all types of impact weapons
– multiple attackers and surprise attacks
– psychological intimidation and/or bullying
– for the average person or handicapped
– medical device, non-threatening and carry anywhere self-defense weapon

 Special pricing for the Cane Self-Defense Workshop at your location
Students & Adults $25 Each
(No individuals, Min. 4 Per Group)