Ukrainian STi 2005 Upgraded to Full Rally - WINS FIRST PLACE

"Ukrainian National Rally Championship Winner"

'Our Guy'


From: Vladimir Polochaninov
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 00:48:06 +0400
To: xcceleration <sam@xcceleration.com>
Subject: Re: short block engine request

Hi Sam
Last weekend we have completed last event in Ukrainian National Rally Championship. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS !!!!!!! So, we are happy and still a bit drunk :)
My best regards to all of you at Xcceleration - one of our respective partners and best friends.

AT Rally Team Director


EJ25 Performance Closed Deck Short Block, and more from Xcceleration designed for up to 50psi.

Upgraded Performance Front and Rear Axles

Performance Aluminum one piece Drive Shaft

EJ25 Performance Closed Deck Conversion Engine Block Upgrade:


1. New Block - Disassembly and Cleaning
2. Closed Deck Conversion
3. EJ25 Short Block
4. Cylinder Boring (for 100mm pistons)
5. Milling (decking)
6. Custom Forged Pistons (100mm)
7. Moly-graphite piston skirt coating
8. Ceramic piston crown coating
9. Light Weight, hollow piston Pins and Clips
10. Piston Rings (100mm)
11. Parabolic I-Beam 4340 Billet con rod set w/ARP 2000 bolts
12. ARP Head Stud Kit
13. Cometic Head Gaskets
14. Heavy Duty Crankshaft Bearings
15. Heavy Duty Connecting Rod Bearings
16. Crank checked and trued to less than 0.0005" run-out
17. Crank Grind to achieve ideal tolerances, all pre-measured to +/- 0.00005", temperature controlled to +/-0.5 deg C
18. Rotating assembly balancing (Crank/Rod/Pistons) to +/- .05 grams
19. Rod bolt stretch measurement
20. Dry assembly with plastic gauge
21. Bearing tolerance measurement post-check
22. Deck height measurement to confirm exact quench clearance
23. Cylinder bore measurement (Straightness and out-of-round checked to +/- 2 microns)
24. Oil galley clean and pre-lube
25. Assembly

Vladimir Polochaninov, AT Rally Team Director, contacted us in January of 2005, requesting we find a solution to a problem he had. He needed a motor capable of handling 30psi for a long period of time. He was building a Rally Car and could not find an engine that would stay together long enough to win a single race, let alone the Rally Series in his country.

He had purchased a built block from a 'Well Known Engine Builder' (STi EJ25 Stage5 Block) which was represented to handle 30 psi, but didn't. When the block blew up, the 'Engine Builder' was contacted about the problem, but told Vladimir it was basically too bad. The pictures below are of the block, which blew after one race. From the pictures it can be seen that the Darton sleeves rocked in the block under high boost and broke free, breaking the block. Seemingly caused by the combination of the machining/insertion method of the sleeves and the non-interlocking design of the sleeves.

This situation is resolved through our custom closed deck conversion, thus preventing rocking up to 50psi of boost.

We provided a built closed deck EJ25 block, capable of up to 50psi and the rest is HISTORY!

Pictures of Bad Block with Darton Sleeves