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Tein Coilovers

Tein HA Includes:

Damper (4), Main spring (4)
Helper spring (4), Lower spring seat (4)
Seat lock (4), Spacer spring seat (4)
Thrust washer (4), Bump rubber (4)
Height measuring gage, Instruction manual
Hook Spaner(2)
*Upper spring seat comes included for strut type models

Tein HT Includes:

Individual Comp/Rebump Adjustable shock absorber
Main spring
Lower spring Seat
Spring Seat lock
Bump rubber
Pillow ball upper mount
Hook Spaner

Tein FLEX Includes:

Adjustable shock absorber x4, Main spring x4
Lower spring Seat x4,Spring Seat lock x12
Bump rubber x4, Dust cover x4
Hook spanner x2, Instruction manual
instruction Manual
Hook Spaner



TEIN offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of ultimate driving experience. It gives your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined. It is an aggressive suspension which lets you put all you have into driving, and allows you look forward to attacking the next unknown turn. TEIN suspensions maintain their superior performance, and are highly durable. Quality of our products can withstand the high demands of the race track. These Coilovers fit the GC chassis style of years 93-01.

Tein HA Coilovers GC $1649.99
Tein HT Coilovers GC $2799.99
Tein Flex Coilovers GC $1849.99
EDFC Optional Setup $499.99


KYB AGX Adjustable Struts The KYB AGX Struts are adjustable and can tune your car's suspension. Easily adjustment in seconds, the front struts offer 4 different settings while the rear struts have 8.

The AGXs have a unique 3-valve system which constantly adjusts for the road conditions. These struts can't be beat!

  KYB AGX Strut Kit (1998-2001) $659.99

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