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Engine Grounding 101

On a normal system, electric current flows from a positive terminal to a negative terminal through the car body. But there is much resistance at connectors of body, engine and transmission. The resistance disturbs this flow of electricity to a degree that electrical components such as computer, lamp and spark plugs cannot perform at their peaks. In order to get the highest performance out of any automobile, it is necessary to achieve a maximum electricity flow with the least resistance along its electrical circuit.

In short, a grounding system does to your electrical circuit like a high performance intake & exhaust system does for the gas. We believe such system is the basic of all tune-ups if you want to unleash the maximum performance of your car.

Voltage (V)

Current (A)

Resistance (Ohms)










Body Amount


No Ground
















While making sure that the operational circumstance is the same, the above table indicates a 7.7% of total resistance which originates from the car body & the same 7.7% of battery voltage which is being wasted due to the absence of a grounding system

What does the Earth Grounding System do?

EGS can achieve an extreme improvement on electricity flow and stability by providing a direct ground path from the body, chassis and engine components to the battery negative.

What's its history?

This theory has been known & such system has been used among Japanese WRC (World Rally Championship) racing teams for years. Since 2000, it has become the hottest modification performed by car enthusiasts in Japan. Its effect on automobile has been proven by dyno tests again and again.

What benefits does it provide?

  • Faster engine start-up : You can feel the difference even with A/C on and at maximum fan speed. This system reduces the loss of electricity to nearly zero at ignition coil and produces better ignition spark.
  • More stable idling : You will hear your car engine noise quieter than before.
  • Smoother and faster throttle response : A max. horsepower gain of 5hp have be achieved on many cars. This is all to do with how the engine sensors read their data and send it back to the ECU. If they're getting crappy, noisy voltage, then the readings being sent back to the ECU could be all over the place, meaning it could have trouble generating good throttle position information from the genuine map. If the sensors are allowed to do their work properly, the ECU is able to do a better job of mapping it all out, and the result could be better throttle response.
  • Increase low & middle engine torque : It helps to achieve a close-to-perfect combustion at low or high revolution of engine, resulting in faster acceleration. A max. torque gain of 0.5kg-m and up has been achieved on a Subaru Legacy BH5. Better voltage response in the low tension circuit results in better response in the high tension circuit. This could result in a more powerful spark, which gives a better burn in the combustion chamber.
  • Better mileage : In particular city driving. So this system does not just save you money on gas, but very ecological, too. In one situation MPG increase of up to 22% a car. Reason being that technically, the alternator is in the 12V electrical system, and load on the alternator can affect fuel efficiency by adding mechanical drag to the engine. The more load on the electrical system, the more drag in the alternator.
  • Better CPU operation
  • Cleaner exhaust gas : Lower density of HC and CO.
  • Brighter headlight output : Improvement that you can see. Thanks to a better alternator performance. This is particularly obvious for cars that have headlights that get brighter the more you rev the engine; Buddy Club stabilizes the voltage & give a more consistent light output.
  • Improve car audio sound quality : Improvement that you can hear. Thanks to an overall enhanced equipment performance including but not limited to: Car audio, power windows, power sunroof, etc.

How good are Ground Systems?

Most Ground System, such as Buddy Club, enables ultimate maximum flow of electricity by using the best wire & connectors that are available. These vital components must have durability against high voltage use while providing minimal resistance. They have 10 times less impedance than factory ground systems resulting in immaculate conduction to prevent electrical power loss. These systems uses thick gauge, 99.99% pure copper, multiple-layered shielding, and connects directly from the cylinder head and other points under the hood to the battery to provide an ultra low resistance connection.

Typical hp gains for Ground Systems are 3-6hp, with some cars seeing a gain as much as 15+ hp.


Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser utilizing the latest racing technology the Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser combined an electrical grounding system with a battery current and voltage stabilization control unit. The unit is designed to stabilize electrical "noise" and voltage spikes and offer additional grounding for your Subie.

Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser maximizes the efficiency of all factory and aftermarket vehicle electrical systems and as the result you will get smoother engine operation, more efficient electrical component operation, improved electrical current and better fuel economy.

Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser it is a great addition to your Subaru.

Connect to your throttle body, engine and alternator for grounding.

Benefits include:

- Cool blue led lights to spice up your engine bay
- 2 in 1 designed off both Grounding and Stabilize voltage
- Improve Horse power and torque
- Improve Fuel Economy
- Smooth idling with improve engine response
- Improve all electrical component performance
- Improve battery life

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