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Many feel Forums aren't that great!

Many spend a lot of time searching the internet looking for forums, to give them objective information, advise, product knowledge and wisdom for their car. They are enticing, seductive and even addictive. But in regards to expertise they are suppose to offer, most of the time it's a waste of time and should only be considered entertainment. From many discussions and reading, several opinions surface.

Opinion one: Unfortunately, there is just no one overseeing the forums. Young guys, even teenagers are plucking away on their computers with no experience or knowledge, offering advise about your car, without a clue about which way is up or just shooting from their hip, repeating whatever technical information they have heard or read. They will tell their self accumulated technical expertise to anyone who will listen. To be fair, there are a few experienced, knowledgeable guys actually on the forums, but the majority are self appointed know it alls. The problem is being able to decide those filled with crap and those not. The forums will allow anyone with an email address to register and to register as an expert. The decision is yours....good luck.

Opinion two: Where is the accuracy? Who is overseeing whether the information being dispensed is accurate? Everyone has the absolute answer, this is better, or that is no good, or don't do that because, but where are the checks and balances overseeing the information and advise being dispensed? The forums aren't overseeing the advise being handed out, rather they are only concerned with how much profanity is used or who the majority doesn't like. They do have expert moderators, but who appointed them as experts?

Opinion three: The guys on the forum are mean, self-centered, malicious and and have a non-objective agenda. You don't have to read much to see a poor newbie being crucified for his innocence or others being lunched for having an opinion, different from the majority. Don't expect the forum to be objective and control the threads, stopping slander, libelous statements or obvious acts of bullying, even though their Terms and Conditions for being a forum member say they will. Instead, there are roving gangs on-line waiting to ponce on the unsuspecting fellow with a positive opinion or supporting comment for a company that is not liked by the gang or not agree with the roving majority. Like sharks, once they smell a guy voicing his thoughts, they attack without mercy, flaming and overpowering with multiple entries of self proclaimed expertise and knowledge, until that opinion is wounded and driven away to die. So voice your opinion and then sit back and wait for the flaming, from a fellow who may not have a driver's licence, own a car or can't kick the dog to relieve his tension or is competition. So go ahead and ask your questions on a forum, but beware!

Note: As always, it's up to you to do your homework when seeking advise or having a company work on your car. You need to check references and speak to customers of the company you are going to do business with. A popular vote or opinion is not a substitute for good old fashion leg work. Don't confuse the two, it can be costly!

Above are only observations to provoke thought.

Yours may be different, but hopefully it will get you thinking!