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Road Tuning :

What is Road Tuning?

Road tuning involves programming or mapping of an aftermarket electronic control unit (ECU) to gain more power and drivability, based upon the car's actual over the road experiences.

In a factory standard specification vehicle the OEM ECU is programmed to enable the engine to perform well under all types of varying conditions. While most of us have the luxury of access to good quality fuel and service our vehicles regularly, this is not the case all over the world. In some countries fuel grades are extremely poor and cars are just run and run until destruction without any servicing or repair. When producing a vehicle car manufacturer's have to take all these scenario's into consideration.

The result of all of this is a vehicle that is not tuned to perform as well as it could and in many applications there is a lot of untapped power and torque that can be gained, over and above the aftermarket ECU's pre-programmed map.

Mapping / Re-Mapping:

To gain the extra potential from your vehicle, you have to alter parameters within the performance ECU, based on the effect of the Real World, actual driving conditions, on your car. These include values for timing, fuelling, air flow, rev limits and boost control (where applicable).

An aftermarket ECU will have been re-mapped to allow all these parameters to be pushed to the maximum safe, reliable value thus creating a more responsive, more powerful and a more torque delivering car.

When looking at re-mapping your performance ECU, it is easy to be drawn towards the maximum bhp / torque figure claims from Dyno Tuning. Your actual performance on the road, may not always be best based on just maximums alone; there are a number of factors to be taken into account.

Most production line engines will produce varying power and torque figures even though they were all built on the same production line. Manufacturers will always quote the ultimate best figure they have seen out of a run of say one hundred engines. This means your engine may produce less power than is claimed to begin with. Dyno Tuning may achieve maximum Bhp and torque but will the vehicle be driveable on the road?

If you are building an all out racer then you can afford to achieve the maximum power and torque at what ever cost, however when you are talking about a road going car that is a different matter. You can achieve big bhp and torque out of an engine but you must ask yourself what the disadvantages are. Generally these are running too lean, running to rich, engine component failure and a variety of issues concerning every day drivablilty.

What you should be looking for in a performance car is how the vehicle performs in all conditions: Urban, cruising, idling etc. coupled with power delivery, crispness and responsiveness.

'Road Tuning' accomplishes this:

Road Tuning involves several hours of diagnostic evaluation of the car's performance, your driving habits and the mapping of your aftermarket ECU. Then, the process of re-mapping, on the road testing, re-evaluation and necessary map adjustments to achieve the best on the road performance, for 'YOUR Real World'.

Contact us for additional information on 'Real World Road Tuning'.