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Built Closed Deck EJ25 WRX 800chp

Built Closed Deck EJ25 STi 700chp

Built Closed Deck EJ25 STi Rally Car

Built Closed Deck EJ25 STi Swiss Race Car 700whp

'Closed Deck Block Cases'

2.5L closed deckEZ30 closed deck

FA20, EJ25, EZ30

Contact US for Ultimate Reliability and Strength

Complete Short Blocks Available


'Closed Deck Block Cases'

Fully Closed Engine Block Case to handle High Boost and Big Power applications.

Click Here If you don't want it to break, then you better use a Closed Deck Block!

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Subaru upgrades WRX Upgrades
2003 WRX 2.5L Build Up
2004 STi Build Up

STi Upgrades
2007 STi Swiss Race Car Build Up

More Build Ups!

2015-2018 Subaru WRX Turbo Kit

420hp - 650hp

FA 20 WRX turbo kit

"YOU need this!"

click here - WRX turbo kit

More Power for your non-turbo

Impreza, Legacy, Forester or Baja

"Add a Turbo Kit"

2.5NA TURBO KITS for Non-Turbo Cars

2.5NA turbo kit


AVO FMIC turbo kit

2.5NA Top Mount or Front Mount Turbo Kits

Stage1 (6psi) / 265 chp

Stage2 (up to 18psi)

Click Here

Add Custom 2.5NA Cams
2.5NA cams
Get More POWER
Click Here

Perfect Power smt8 piggyback ecu
Perfect Power Solution for
non-turbo/turbo Engine Management Systems
Click Here

(PROJECT ENGINE SEEN IN 2.5RS, engine only for sale)
Supercharged 2.5L long block engine

Sti / WRX Performance

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